Friday, July 22, 2011

Red Little Bunny

Hey there! do i look like a bunny? :P
for today, my appearance look a bit tomboy with girly touch

white shirt: stradivarius
black tanktop: mango
shorts: forever21
headpiece: stradivarius

clutch bag: aldo
shoes: singapore
belt: gucci
both rings: forever21

Baby Tyson!

WHO is this cute baby? He's my nephew, Tyson Boentoro!!
22.July.2011 he turned one month old and this is his one month celebration! :D

The one month cake :)

The gift pleasure! 
There are cookies, mug, eggs, jelly, and chocolate. The cookies taste really good! Was it cute?

Here is my outfit, i'm taking the photo at my sister house :)

what i wear,
tops: cotton on
shorts: forever21
bag: mango
necklace: singapore
rings: forever21

The Door

And yeah.. finally, i'm taking this photo in my room actually it's in front of the door just get trying for the new clothes that i bought! here are some photo's that i took..

tops: 3mongkis (Mangga Dua)
skirt: kookai
shoes: heatwave

the gold bangles, it is a gift from my sister she bought it from Hongkong and the left hand bangle it is also a gift from my auntie, she bought it in China.

so, have you tried your new clothes? :P

Pink Cherry Blossom

Guess! Where am i ?
yups! you are right who think that i'm in Ancol, can u believe it? With pink flowers background is it like in Ancol??
i'm just spending my leisure time to have a walk and read magazine :) and here i also took some pictures of myself!

shirts from zara and skirt from yuan (Mangga Dua)

ring from Diva, bags from Malaysia, sunglass from Mangga Dua

Stella black from UP ! <3 Really love this shoes! It is very comfortable and nice :)
for those who addicted to shoes try to visit UP it's a local brand from diana rikasari the shoes are very unique and the price itself are not too expensive :)
so, support our local products! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dinner at Luna Negra

On Wednesday i had dinner with my sisters at Luna Negra
here i take some pictures
this is me and my sister Heny Ronju

Luna Ice Tea, the ice tea taste different. Inside the ice tea they put some grass jelly and it taste a bit sweet. For those who like sweetness you have to order this Luna Ice Tea, i recommend it! 

chicken breast with mushroom sauce

fettucine piscatora

with my sister, Feriana Ronju actually she is the one who taking my photographs! 

My favorite clogs ever! i bought it from charles & keith

watermelon tanktop: forever21
denim jacket: zara
legging: sass & bide
necklace: forever21
clutch bag: forever new
pearl bangles DIY
ring: diva


wohooo! say hello to summer :) it's time to refreshing!

i really like this shoes! red platform heels from juneandjulia

tanktop from mango
pleats maxi skirt by coco pink
bangles forever21
(x)sml statement ring
necklace from online shops
unbranded belt

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The September Issue

Have i introduce myself? Hello! My name is Meilisa study at Raffles Design Institute, Jakarta. 
I'm taking Fashion Marketing major and in this term i got a subject called Fashion Communication.
The class was actually exciting, but since it was saturday class and i really hate to have class on saturday morning :( Well then, in the class we are watching The September Issue movie. Have you watch it?

The September Issue is a documentary movie about putting together the titular edition of Vogue in 2007. Anna Wintour is the editor of Vogue and Grace Coddington who is a former model turned into a creative director. In the movie, Anna Wintour and her army of editors, designers, photographers, models and gofers labor are going to assemble Vogue's massive September issue.

 The movie show how they are making the September Issue which is the biggest issue in Vogue. They have to think what is the fashion item in the coming September and in what colors and fabrics. The movie present how they work with the designers such as Thakoon, Grace Coddington the creative director, Sienna Miller who is the model of the cover in Septermber issue and the photographers.

"As you see, fashion means different things to different people." - Anna Wintour 

There are roles/origins in fashion which is the creators, visualizers, critics and the sellers. In Fashion Communication class i have discuss much about personal fashion communication and for me it is very important because it may affect an individual's role to the whole fashion industry. It is how we represent our personality in fashion, how we express ourselves in wearing clothes.

People may have different taste in fashion. They have their own way to represent their personality. Not all people are confident to wear fashion items like us maybe? 
My personal style is according to the environment, i wear whatever i feel want to wear which is comfortable for me with a bit of edgy and girly touch :)
so what's your's?

Put the camera on me

That is my polaroid PX600, a gift from my friends! Thank you so much for the polaroid! :)

having a seat & swing it ! :D

shirt from sydney flea market
shorts zara
unbranded belt
louis vuitton bag
charles & keith pantoefel shoes
bangles from bali
both rings: diva

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

fashion quote

"Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are" - Quentin Crisp

"I don't do fashion, I am fashion" - Coco Chanel

"The difference between fashion and style is quality" - Giorgio Armani