Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fashion Comm. Final Project

GEEZZZ!! Tomorrow gonna be my last day entering college for the 4th term!
Holiday is waiting for me! YEAYYY..."FREEDOM" say HELLO to 5th term!
Before I reach my freedom, i have to do my fashion communication final project
and here it is,

My final project is to make a client presentation. And we are ask to make our own line so we have 
to take photoshoot with our own products. Because i'm not a fashion design student, so 
i've decided to use our own clothing. Before the photoshoot we have to mix and match it first.
And decide which clothes are we going to shoot.
And the theme of our project is "Playful Vintage" so we choose vintage style as our concept

This is the photoshoot done for the 3 Bunnies collections.
Location: Pho24, Alam Sutra
Models: MeilisaGaby and Veny
Photographer: taken by us 
Any comment?? :D Feel free to comment!

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