Monday, November 21, 2011

Jakarta Fashion Week 2012

Finally JFW2012 is over :)
whooopss this year is absolutely amazing! Designers are more innovative and they are spectacular!
The bad news is I didn't get the ticket for all the show, the tickets have to be booked through the internet from www, and i have to be rush to booked it..
People are compete to get the tickets! 
Unfortunately, i only have chance to watch Danar Hadi show and Mazda present young vibrant designer (Kleting, Denny Satriadi and Imelda Kartini)
Here are some clothes that i like and took it from JFW website from the fashion show of Danar Hadi
because when i watch the show i bring DSLR and they are not allowing me to use it..

Danar Hadi use light fabrication in this collection. 
I like the second picture, which one do u like the most? :D

The next show is Mazda present young vibrant designers! :)
here is the opening of KLE
*sorry for the bad pictures, cause i'm not using DSLR to take the photo's*
love the model!! 

This dress from Danny Satriadi are amazing!! 

He made couture dresses i thought! Really beautiful isn't it? 

When the models came out from the backstage, i saw this dress and my mind said *OMG* super crazy!
Hell yeah!! Danny satriadi you rocks the stage that night! 
i'm so amazed with his collection, don't you?

That is him wearing the black tuxedo with bouquets of flowers and all the models wearing his designs!

Imelda Kartini also made all the people who watch the show amazed by her collection
I didn't get much of photographs cause my battery was low at that time :(
so sorry for bad pictures quality!
I  think she made the dress more likely some kind that lady gaga would wear

Love the back!! 

For more info just visit the website of JFW
See you on JFW2013 next year!
Can't wait!!

Ciao :* 
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  1. Oh this collection is gorgeous. I can't believe you weren't allowed to use your DSLR though!


  2. i also went to JFW on last wednesday.. but have not got the chance to post abt it yet. awesome pics anyway :D and ive followed u back <3

  3. oh mine..those are wonderful collection style!! perfect gown...I don't know what to say ;)